Month: October 2021

Internationalization (i18n)

Internationalization , ‘i18n’ for short. Some Web site or service need to i18n for all world visitor. There are a lots kind of character set, sorting order, and calendars and so on. For example, in Japan the time stamp is used Chinese character and numerical character. “2021年12月23日12時34分56秒” stand for 12:34:56, 2021/12/23 (hh:mm:ss, yyyy/MM/dd). Time format
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Network (TCP/IP)

TCP/UD`P Port Forwarding port forwarding is set on the router it is able to access to internal host from external. Port Number is looks like phone extension number. DHCP(Will Update Nov 15th) Proxy Proxy is a kind of a server or a service that translates traffic between users and the internet networks. Proxy servers act
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