This category is for categorizing the blogs on this site. It’s similar to the OSI reference model, but a little different and uniquely categorized. The organization managed by the hardware, network, and application may differ, and it is necessary to contact the appropriate organization according to the content and event of the question. Understanding which category you belong to will help you solve the cyber problem faster.

Layer architecture


# Layer     Service Protocol
8 Human   Human, Animal, Hiyoko, Tree, Robot English, Chinese, Animal language, Tree language
7 Cloud Service   AWS, Azure HTTPS
6 Application   SaaS, Office Excel Graphical User Interface
5 Middleware   MYSQL, SQL Server SQL
4 Network   WWW, File Transfer, Authentication, Mail HTML, FTP, LDAP, POP,SMTP
3 OS   Pass, RedHat Linux, Windows Shell, Command
2 Platform   PssS, Server
1 Physical   laaS,Server rack, Power supply, Network cable, USB, Garbage Can, door, Smart phone Cable, Glue


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